Triad Pro Innovators Incorporated (“Triad Pro®” or “The Company”) is a diversified distributed energy company. Triad Pro Innovators areas of specialty are distributed energy generation power plants and “Green” renewable energy battery storage systems and applications.

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell technology is solid state digital energy battery storage solution free of highly toxic and explosive materials such as lithium & lead. The Triad-Pro® Power Cell delivers up to 1,000,000 + charge/discharge capability. The Triad-Pro Power Cell can also be fully charged significantly faster than a Lithium or lead based battery.    

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell accepts 100 percent of its capacity very quickly, because the charging process is only limited by the network that is feeding it, and not our technology. 

The Triad-Pro® technology provides a “Set-it-forget-it” environment for all users and applications. The advanced technology of the Triad-Pro® Power Cell was designed with a focus on safety, eco-friendliness, minimum maintenance and longevity. We can confidently say the Triad-Pro® Power Cell is: Non-Combustible, 100% Recyclable and requires zero or low maintenance when properly installed and can exceed 1,000,000 + charge/discharge capability providing longevity unparalleled within the Renewable Energy Storage industry.   

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell technology offers energy storage solutions, scalable for all sizes, ranging from residential, small business and industrial to national utility applications. Global demand for Renewable battery storage is at an all-time high, emerging rapidly and not limited to solar or wind. Triad Pro is positioning itself to participate as a supplier for On-Grid, Off-Grid and Micro-Grid battery storage applications and to have tailored, state of the art storage solutions available.

Triad Pro Power® Cells can also offer a viable solution for stand alone products reliant on Solar as the main charge for products such as parking lot lights, billboards and many other applications that are run on grid, or using lithium or lead acid based batteries that have a shorter life cycle and require higher maintenance.

At Triad Pro® our staff consist of highly trained engineers in the development center. These engineers have a depth of experience in the design, assembly, prototyping, testing, and field installation functions required to support our existing products, as well as develop our new product in the pipeline. We also have well trained sales, management, and administrative support staff in the office, most of whom have years of experience in the energy business in California.

Our distributed energy production division owns and operates 6 distributed energy Co-Generation power plants onsite at industrial and commercial locations in California. The company owns these hard assets, which produce electrical and thermal energy.  These plants produce reliable monthly revenue through long term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Triad Pro® is a publically traded company. The company plans to continue to grow through acquisitions and research & development.