Many Golf Courses today rely on commercial fleets to conduct business and with the ever-increasing energy costs and the high cost of maintaining toxic Lead Acid batteries the demand for advance vehicle technology solutions has never been higher.

With that demand, there are new companies bringing technologies to market; however, most are focused on achieving very high efficiency ratings by replacing toxic Lead Acid batteries with toxic Lithium-Ion batteries which creates a very capital-intensive enterprise resulting in an expensive end-product for the customer.

In most cases these technologies require the removal of most of the original battery system, which is replaced with technologies that often have not been time-tested, therefore adding inherent risk to golf car fleet operations.

Additionally many competitors rely on government subsidies to support their financial equations, leaving them at the mercy of often varying political mandates.

Retrofit providers require a complete transformation of the original power storage including removal of the toxic Lead Acid batteries.

Some conversion companies also remove the original components in favor of an all-new system. Some companies, which converts existing vehicles to full electric, offers conversions for very select models and again removes the entire battery system for purposes of adapting new technology in order to provide efficiency.