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solar powered golf carts

Currently, Batteries in all golf carts are either lead or lithium based. In areas where golf carts can be used all 365 days a year the life expectancy for the batteries is approximately 2-3 years. To operate a golf carts 4-7 batteries is required (Depending on make). The cost can range up to $4,000 per cart (Depending on the battery manufacture). Lead batteries also require continues maintenance. 



The Triad-Pro® Power Cell is a has been utilized in a prototype golf cart and it powers the cart for an entire 18 holes. It draws charge from solar panels set on the roof and if the sun isn’t shining it can be fully re-charged inside the charging station within 20 minutes. A lead acid or lithium powered golf cart battery can take up to 8 hours to fully recharge.

The Triad-Pro® power cell when combined with the solar panels roofs can provide zero cost to the end user. Golf courses and golf cart fleets included! 

No replacement batteries for a minimum of 10 years or electrical cost.  

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell can be drained to ZERO voltage capacity without any damage to the Triad-Pro® Power Cell, unlike Lithium which should never be allowed to be drained to ZERO voltage as it can cause permanent or critical damage to the Lithium battery when attempting to recharge. The Triad-Pro® Power Cell is tried & tested.


See the Triad-Pro® Power Cell in action today


active day lighting


The Triad-Pro® Power Cell including the Panel Tracker has been extensively tested in powering "Active Sky Lights" in daily use in the torrid Arizona sun. 


Developing Applications



Solar is a wonderful method to recharge batteries. Our Triad-Pro® Power Cell will last for more than 10 years without maintenance compared to Lead Acid or Lithium which only has so many charge cycles available before they can no longer hold a charge.

Replace the Lead Acid batteries with the Triad-Pro® Power Cell so that you no longer have to worry about adding battery acid or the other related risks such as possible explosion that come with chemical batteries.


Every day, our nation's firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, state troopers, police officers, sheriff's deputies, tow operators, and departments of transportation responders are exposed to the grave hazards inherent in emergency responses on the nation's highways and roadways.  Performance needs to be guaranteed and they cannot afford to have a battery that will not accept any more charge cycles or simply will no longer accept a charge.



Just like street lights or event lighting, Counties, Cities, State and Federal agencies can eliminate the need to maintain lead acid batteries by using the Triad-Pro® power cells.  Simply "Set it, and forget it" with quick charge capabilities and good for a minimum of 10 years. 


park lighting

Why pay the utility company for power, when you can use high efficiency LED lighting powered by the Triad-Pro® Power Cells, which can accept more than 1,000,000 cycles.  Municipalities are always looking at ways to reduce their cost.  Street lights or parking lot lights can now be powered by Solar panels. These panels are mounted on the lighting structure or connected in the pole. Currently, Acid or lithium based batteries are being used in this application and simply cannot provide more than a 3 year shelf life. When you combine the very efficient LED lighting used today with the Triad-Pro® Power Cells, you can expect a minimum of 10 years of uninterrupted lighting. When factoring no power consumption with little to no maintenance over 10 years, the ROI or savings for municipalities is significant. 


48 volt power cell


The Triad-Pro® Power Cell has modules ranging from 6 volts to 120 volts in both AC and DC currents.