World-Wide pressure for renewable “Green” energy storage from government, municipalities and large corporations is compounding yearly. For example in 2013, the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) released a proposal that would call for the state’s big three investor-owned utilities to procure 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage by 2020. High profile companies are entering into the large battery and energy storage business, hoping for a piece of the energy storage pie mandated by the state of California. Triad Pro® Innovators has the designs and technology to help meet this demand now.

Given this mandate from the CPUC, the rush is on to develop a new kind of renewable energy storage infrastructure.  The traditional power grid has not changed very much in the past fifty years. To this day the power grid primarily relies upon large central power plants, often located far away from cities utilizing electricity. The current landscape is one of with massive electrical transportation infrastructure and long utility lines with substations and transformers.

Renewable energy providers such as solar or wind  are faced with the problem of generating more electrical power only to lose the energy output advantages to poor battery performance and inherent short life cycle limitations. Lithium-ion and other battery types currently used in energy storage are limited in the amount of energy that can be accepted, and the balance is wasted. The Triad-Pro® Power Cell accepts 100 percent of its capacity very quickly, and is only restricted by the current network, not by our technology.

Triad-Pro® Power Cells proven PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) digital energy storage technology is capable of providing an energy storage solution for applications normally reliant on highly toxic short life lead acid, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries that have the potential to combust when over charged. With the success of the Triad-Pro® Power Cell, chemical battery power loss and other design limitations, such as overheating and short product life cycles, are eliminated.

Triad Pro helps make renewable energy greener, safer and more efficient by allowing applications to utilize more of the renewable energy generated, anytime day or night, using the Triad-Pro® Power Cell system.

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell is the viable solution!


Triad-Pro® Power Cell Current Applications

Our beta testing includes two application. Currently the Triad-Pro® Power Cell is being sold to a skylight manufacture for use in a roof-top application, maximizing sunlight through the skylights.    

It has been working efficiently and is installed on 100’s of commercial buildings across the U.S essentially wiping out the lighting portion of company’s electrical bill. Current installation includes many national retail stores across America such as Whole Foods & Target to name a few. Other types of application include military, industrial, schools and much more.

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell has been utilized in a prototype golf cart. It powers the cart for an entire 18 holes. It draws charge from solar panels set on the roof and if the sun isn’t shining it can be fully re-charged inside the charging station within 20 minutes.  Most golf cart fleets today are powered by a lead acid or lithium batteries which normally takes more than 8 hours to fully recharge.

The Triad-Pro® Power Cell can be drained to ZERO voltage capacity without any damage to the Triad-Pro® Power Cell, unlike Lithium which should never be allowed to be drained to ZERO voltage as it can cause permanent or critical damage to the Lithium battery when attempting to recharge. The Triad-Pro® Power Cell is tried & tested.