Storing energy for use in remote inaccessible applications requiring long term installation, frequent charge/discharge cycling, repeatability, ability to accept energy at the rate provided by the network and without chemicals is the goal for our Patent Pending Energy Cell technology.  Our technology is unique in its ability charge and discharge 500,000 to 1 million times, so when installed, it is set and forget technology that will provide 20 years of repeatability in energy storage.   Our Energy Cell Technology is scaleable in in voltage and current for sizing to most applications.

Triad-Pro, manufactures the revolutionary proprietary patent pending PC-2012 Lead-Free DC Voltage Power (Energy) Storage Cell. Triad-Pro Energy Cell technology allows applications to utilize more of the energy generated. Triad-Pro Energy is the first to provide a Solid-State Lead-Free Energy Storage solution capable of providing energy to applications normally equipped with typical Lead Acid batteries. The patent pending Triad-Pro PC-2012 Storage Cell stores DC energy at a rate limited only by the network providing at efficiencies that exceed batteries from any type of DC power source generator whether it is Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal, hydro-electric or any other source of Electric Energy until the Energy Cell is full. 

Off-Grid Lithium-ion or other Battery types currently used in Lighting or Electric Vehicles are limited in the amount of energy that can be accepted and stored at any given time and suffer from deficiencies such as short cycle life and are a hazardous waste product.  For example, to store 600 watts of available energy generated by a solar panel into a typical battery, only a percentage of that energy can actually be accepted by the battery.  The balance is waste whereas the Power Cell can accept 100% of the energy since it is only limited by the network not our technology.  This difference allows applications using our technology to very quickly recharge and continue supporting the application.  In other words, a battery takes hours to recharge and the power cell requires only minutes.

The Triad-Pro PC-2012 Solid-State Energy Cell can take energy and store it at a rate only limited by the network feeding it!  A typical Battery has a cycle life of 400 to 500 charge/discharges compared to the patent-pending Triad-Pro Solid State Cell has a 1 million charge/discharge life cycle.  So applications designed around a Power Cell can require more frequent recharges without impact on the cycle count like a typical battery.

Lead-Free and completely “Green” The Triad-Pro Solid-State Energy Storage solution is remarkable and simple:  Just-Set-It-and-Forget-It. The PC-2012 Proprietary patent pending Energy Storage Cell Device will reach estimated market sales over the next five years worldwide.

Power Cells

Triad-Pro Power Cells. (OTC:TPII) is a development stage company and the creators of Triad-Pro Electron Storage Array. A Solar Energy Storage solution that replaces costly Toxic, Lead Acid and stores Electricity very quickly. No More 6-8 hour recharging delays. Additionally the Triad-Pro Power Cell Array never requires any maintenance and routine replacement like traditional batteries. MTBF rated at over 1 million Charge/Discharge Cycles the Triad-Pro Power Cell Array comes standard with a 10 Year Replacement Limited Warranty.