The Solution

Triad-Pro Power Cells has developed The Triad-Pro Electron Storage Array comprised of 100% solid state electronics incorporated on an easy to assemble printed circuit board.

The Triad-Pro Electron Storage Array is programmable and available in several voltages. 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 VDC volts respectfully.

All Triad-Pro Power Cells
Store electricity instantly and are only limited by the Input Voltage provided. Typical conversion from battery based products to the Triad-Pro Passive Electron Storage Array is a simple swap out and all include Triad-Pro Power Cells 5 Year Limited warranty.  Production quantities for (LUV) limited Use Vehicles like Golf Cars, and Indoor/ Out Door Lighting, etc. will be available 1st quarter 2019.

Any questions please contact or 800-725-7767