triad-pro® Storage

One of the most misunderstood parts of a solar powered system is the battery. Solar Battery banks may contain heavy Lead Acid, Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that all have issues such as extreme weight, temperature and current restrictions as well as a limited life cycle of 1000 Charge/Discharge cycles.

Batteries are designed for specific types of charge and discharge cycles.  A solar battery must be able to provide long periods of deep discharge at night followed by a full recharge in only a few hours of sunlight. Very few batteries can take a daily deep discharge-recharge cycle. Cycle problems are accelerated when the sun is obscured by weather when charging stops and restarts again a reversal in the chemistry and increment cycle count wears on the battery.

Solar needs a better battery solution.

If you simply connect your solar panels directly to the Battery, you will over charge it and it could explode. For Example a 12 Volt solar panels can produce over 25 Volts in direct sunlight. In addition, when a battery reaches full charge the charging current needs to be turned off or reduced to a trickle to protect the battery from an Over Volt Condition. The Triad-Pro® Power Cells has built in circuitry to prevent Over Voltage or Thermal Run-Away Conditions.

Triad-Pro® Power Cells is the Solution

The success of the Triad-Pro® Solid State Storage Solution makes Renewable Energy Better by Storing Electricity Instantly.

Lead Free with a Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) warrantied for 10 years and rated for over 1,000,000 charge and discharge cycles. Triad-Pro® Power Cells reduce the headache of routine battery replacement every 12-18 months.

Triad-Pro® Power Cells makes Solar Energy storage Greener & Better.